GBI LOGISTICS - Perth, Western Australia

GBI Logistics provides warehousing and a time sensitive delivery service. Our standard delivery period within the WA Metro area and FIS country stores south of and including Geraldton is within 24hours.

We have over 25 delivery and service vehicles ranging from 14 tonne trucks with hi-ab to 3 tonne trucks with automatic tail lift facility with each vehicle adapted to suit the needs of the products and suppliers requirements. We provide warehousing and distribution for all of our sales related products and a total Logistics package (incl Pick and Pack) for suppliers who only require our warehousing and distribution service.

At GBI we also provide a 3PL (Third Party Logistics) service for a number of clients that incorporates dedicated warehouse space and also provides an installation service of white goods by fully trained staff. GBI Logistics controls 17,000 square metres of floor space and has the plant and facility to cope with any matter of product from high quality electrical goods to large slabs of stone. GBI Logistics warehouses and distributes products for over 25 leading brand names to all manner of customers including door to door, retail outlets, cabinet makers and construction sites.

GBI’s focus is based on customer service and satisfaction by providing a top quality warehouse and distribution package that complements our products and principles. Whether you're a small business operating out of a single location or a large corporation with a massive footprint, GBI Logistics has the resources, people and expertise to help manage and grow your business.

Imagine - an entire transportation fleet at your disposal, and a robust warehouse support structure - complete with industry experts and technology - ready whenever you need it. By forming a strategic partnership with GBI, you realize all of the benefits of outsourcing, plus consistent, reliable performance and an unconditional commitment to service.

Business to Business (B2B)

Business to Customer (B2C)

3PL Warehouse Storage and Distribution

Pick and Pack Services

Large Fleet and Machinery

Perth Metro, Outer Metro and Country Deliveries

Experienced and Trained Staff

Customer Services

Call center customer relations services for pre-delivery calls, post delivery follow up, issue tracking and management

Real-time merchandise checking, scanning and electronic transmission to our clients in real-time

Electronic integration with client software to reduce unnecessary paperwork

Optimized Routing minimizing miles driven while maximizing productive transaction

Real-time, GPS enabled dispatch with electronic signature capture available

Industry best practices in warehousing and logistics